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Our prayer today

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Father, I pray for our
customers today.
I thank You for them because without them we could
not stay in business.
Thank You, Lord, for all those
who buy our products or
use our services.
Help us to be more sensitive
to their needs and more
responsive to their wants
and desires.
Help us to serve them better, because it is in serving
our customers better
that our company grows
and prospers.
Help us to be on the lookout
for ways to provide better
Show us how we can be more sensitive to the needs
of our clients.
Help us, Lord, always to
have a hearing ear to what
our customers have to say concerning our
Help us to respond quickly
and effectively to those areas
that they call to our attention.
Father, I pray that our
relationship with them,
and theirs with us and our
products/services, will be a
pleasant and memorable one,
that it will bring joy and
peace to our hearts and theirs.
Help us always to remember
that in helping to fulfill their
needs, desires and wants we are creating a strong,
long-lasting relationship between
us and them that will profit
both of us and be a blessing
to many others.
In Jesus’ name I pray,

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